The Basics of Celody

Thinking in Loops

All Celody streams use two key features: 1) loops and 2) randomness. In this tutorial, you'll see how infinite streams differ from a normal 3 minute pop song.

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Generative Randomness

Dissecting Streams

Celody generates music in real time using randomness. In this tutorial, you'll investigate how different elements of the stream can change using randomness.

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How the FORREV Player Works

FORward and REVerse

In this tutorial, you learn how the FORREV Music Player works. FORREV plays audio both forwards and backwards using randomness and configuration settings.

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Help! I Can't Hear Anything.

Troubleshooting Celody

If you can't hear a stream, this tutorial will provide some help. It covers some frequently encountered issues and shows how you can get things working.

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How to Fork a Stream

Forking Music

An easy way to make your own stream is by forking an existing one as a starting template. In this tutorial, we'll take an example stream and fork it.

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How to Fork a Playlist

Forking Playlists

Playlists are groups of streams that share a common theme (like a genre or artist). In this tutorial, we'll cover how you can fork an existing playlist.

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Understanding Merges & Multistreams

Merge vs. Multistream

This tutorial helps you understand both merges and multistreams - two novel Celody features. Examples of each type of stream are provided to highlight the key differences.

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Token Staking for Stream Discovery

Like Staking

This tutorial covers "like staking" - a process of staking IOTA tokens to indicate high quality. The tutorial shows you how to stake and describes the advantages of this approach.

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The Basics of Modules

Custom Logic

Every Celody stream generates music in real-time according to specific logic. This logic is embedded within a module. By specifying the module field in the celody file, you can change how randomness affects the final stream.

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Converting to an Infinite Stream

Finite to Infinite

It's possible to convert any of your own creations into infinite streams. This tutorial walks through how to take a standard song and turn it into an infinite stream.

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