Celody Playlists

Grouping Streams

Playlists are groups of affiliated streams. You can hear published streams by genre, artist, instrument or other themes. It's also possible to create your own customized playlist of streams or fork someone else's playlist.

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Popular List

Liked Streams

The Popular list shows streams that have generated a lot of tokens. When people listen to music streams, they create wealth inside of Celody Life. The more people listen to a specific stream, the higher is its popularity ranking.

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Celody Tutorials

How Celody Works

If you want learn about the various features inside Celody, check out the tutorials. There are tutorials explaining how infinite streams are created. Tutorials about forking. Tutorials about the FORREV Player and Celody Life.

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Celody Shuffle

Random Shuffle

Since Celody infinite streams go on forever, you have to press the stop button to stop the music. If you want to shuffle through different streams without manually pressing the stop button, you can use the Celody Shuffle feature.

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