Decentralized Music Submission

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An artist submits a song. The submission and voting parameters are posted to the IOTA Tangle. Random validators then vote on the song, earning tokens for their curation. These votes are also posted to the Tangle. If the voting threshhold is met, the song is approved. The artist then earns tokens while the song is in rotation on Celody (which typically lasts for 7 days).

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Artist Requirements

Submission Details

Artists are required to submit a soundcloud url of their song. Songs should only be submitted one time. No duplicates. After submission, the artist can use the search function below to view the status of the voting process. Artists are also required to have a Celody wallet to receive tokens. These tokens may be slashed if the artist willfully violates copyrights.

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Validation As Curation

Voting On Submissions

Validators are randomly chosen to curate the submitted song on an automated basis. Anyone can be a curator simply by listening to music on As you listen to music, Celody will (from time to time) serve up voting opportunities on submitted songs. Curators earn tokens for each vote and ultimately determine which artists earn tokens for their music.

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Legal Content Only

Celody requires that you own all the rights to the song or sound files you are about to submit. Celody will remove content that violates copyright law (see here). Celody may also require a token deposit and slash any wallets that willfully violate copyrights. As the owner of the music, do you agree to allow Celody to host your stream and associated files?

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Choose Your Wallet

Wallets Require Keys

Approved songs generate tokens to a Celody wallet for a specific duration (typically 7 days). Select whether you already have a wallet below.

Celody generates a private key for you to access tokens. If you lose this key, you will lose access to your tokens. So keep it safe! Celody does not store these keys.

Artists need an existing Celody Wallet with at least 0 tokens during the entire voting process. This token threshold adjusts based on current queue size.

Generate New Key Use Existing Key
Wallet Minimum Not Met

You Need To Earn Tokens!

The current threshold is at least 0 tokens on your submitted wallet. This minimum is a dynamic rate limiting mechanism. It also acts as a deposit to prevent malicious actors. You can earn tokens by listening to music and withdrawing to your wallet.

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Success. Your Data Has Been Received

Song In Curation Queue

Your song is in now in the decentralized queue. You can check the submission status by using the search feature when you reload this page. The submission was also posted to the IOTA Tangle and can be viewed using a Tangle Explorer ( using the messageID: Loading ID. Wait...

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