Tutorial: Troubleshooting Common Problems

What You Should See and Hear

When you click on the "Play" stream button, you should see something similar to the image below. The layout may differ depending on your device, but you should experience the following: 1) "Loading" appears after clicking "Play"; 2) The "Loading" should turn to a "Stop" button; 3) Audio should start to play from your device; 4) Colored circles should appear in the white canvas area. These circles are spatial depictions of stream sounds.

What To See and Hear

Remedy 1: Chrome Browser

If you don't see or hear the 4 items described above, make sure you are using the Chrome web browser. Chrome has the best support for Web Audio and certain other browsers may not have the required features to play Celody music streams. Also, be sure to update your Chrome browser to latest version if it's downloaded from an app store.

Remedy 2: Volume Check

Set your device's volume to its midpoint (so 5 out of 10). Make sure the volume is not on mute or set at the maximum. Then reload the page and try playing the stream again. Some soft sounds may be hard to hear if you are in a crowded environment. You can check for the audio icon being displayed on the Chrome browser tab to know audio is playing.

Remedy 3: Reload Page

It's possible a network issue occurred when downloading a stream file. A quick reload of the page is often an easy way to restart the download process.

Remedy 4: Open Issue on Github

If you are still having trouble, please open up an issue on github for help. The link is here: https://github.com/crypto5000/celody/issues