Tutorial: How to Fork a Celody Playlist

Forking the Playlist

In this tutorial, we're going to fork the playlist named "Meditation Streams". If you don't see this list on the celody.com playlist page, try searching for "Meditation Streams" in the search box. Once you find the playlist, click the "fork" button as shown below:

Forking a Playlist

Understanding the Playlist:

Before we start changing the playlist, let's quickly gloss over a playlist file. Looking at the file, we see it contains some basic information (like name and creator) as well as a list of 4 streamIds. Each of the streamIds is associated with a specific infinite stream to include in the playlist.

Playlist File

Basic Details:

To get started, we can change the file to suit our needs. Let's change the default names. Assume we are creating a Yoga Playlist. So we'll make the following changes as shown below:

Basic Details

Choosing a Category:

The category is used for grouping on the playlist page. The values should be "genre", "artist", "instrument", or "other". Since we are doing a Yoga playlist, we can keep the category as "other". But if we were doing a Heavy Metal playist, we would use "genre".

Category Change

Streams and StreamIds:

You'll notice that the 4 streams in the forked playlist have ids. There is also a "forkedFromListId" key that we haven't described. These are just unique identifiers. Every stream and every playlist are assigned a unique id by Celody. So when you fork it, you can see the assigned id. To get a streamId, you need to click the fork button of a stream (NOT A PLAYLIST) and find the "forkFromStreamId" value.

Stream Ids

Adding Streams to the List:

For our yoga playlist, let's add the stream named "Cream Joint". We first go to the celody homepage and find the stream. Then we click the "fork" button to get the streamId. The streamId is the value in the "forkFromStreamId" field. We copy that value and then go to the fork file and add the streamId to the streams list as shown below.

Adding Streams

Publishing the Fork:

We could continue adding more streams or deleting some of the streams that are in the file. It's really up to you and your imagination. For now, let's assume we are satisfied with the playlist and want to publish it so other people can view it. We hit the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page.

Publish Streams

Finding the Playlist:

After hitting the publish button, you should see a "Success" message at the bottom of the page. To find your playlist, you can search for it by name in the search box on the playlist page.

Finding List