Human Listening

The wealth in Celody Life is powered by listening to music streams. If you listen to a celody stream (including FORREV streams) for a certain time period, you will automatically generate tokens. In other words, humans listening to music is what powers the wealth of Celody Life. The minting process of tokens comes through people wanting to listen to music. Stop listening and you stop wealth.


Tokens to Humans

When tokens are first minted into existence, some go to humans. As more tokens get minted, you'll see your balance increase. These tokens must be used within a session. The tokens will be lost (expire) if you leave the current page or if your session exceeds 24 hours. Expired tokens end up in a User Pool that can be recirculated back to humans. So make sure you use your tokens or you could lose them.

Digital People

Token Economics

The tokens are allocated in a simple manner that encourages humans to just listen to the music they like (while also discouraging bad actors). There is a maximum number of tokens that get dispersed in a given time interval. So the more streams that are being listened to creates less tokens given per stream. The more people listening also lengthens the required listening period before tokens are allocated. Finally, Celody uses randomization in allocating the tokens to further discourage bad actors.

Token Economics

Spending Tokens in Life

Whenever a token is spent, either by a human or a digital person, the token gets transferred. Many of the actions in Life require a certain amount of tokens to be spent for that action to be allowed. For example, tokens are required to mate and have kids in Life. And tokens are required to chat or change personalities. When tokens are used, Celody then triggers a random process for redistributing the spent wealth. The ultimate sink of tokens are digital people. Humans holding tokens are just an intermediate step on their way to digital people.

Spending Tokens
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