Total Celody Tokens

Not Available

The Celody total above reflects the sum of all tokens ever generated through music listening. This includes tokens held by digital people, musicians, sessions, Celody wallets, and blockchain wallets. It also includes escrowed tokens for Stakedy and any tokens exported to blockchains as active tokens.

Circulating AVAX CLDY

Not Available

This value reflects the sum of all active CLDY tokens that have been exported from Celody to the AVAX C-Chain. It represents all active tokens held by users on the Avalanche network. This value excludes authorized (but not active) CLDY tokens and tokens imported back from Avalanche into a Celody session.

AVAX CLDY Contract Address
Add Token to MetaMask

Make sure the CLDY token address is identical to the value shown above. Be careful of other tokens that have the same SYMBOL and NAME but do not have the official contract address. You should be able to confirm this contract using a Blockchain Explorer.