Using Tokens powered by music

Human Composites

Multiple Uses

Tokens are meant to be used within Celody and Stakedy because they are the power source behind all actions. As the network state expands, more and more uses will be added. But currently, tokens can be used for the following actions: voting on laws, voting in elections, changing data of digital people, chatting with digital people, mating digital people, playing games, creating Stakedy posts, judging Stakedy posts and more.

Digital Features

Election Voting

Digital people are elected to positions within Celody through token voting. Positions include: President, District Judge, District Attorney, School Superintendent, and Police Commissioner. The digital people within Celody have political data. So when you vote for a person, you are voting for their politics. Elected people preside over random life events where tokens are escrowed. The elected officials determine how tokens are released from escrow.

Digital Features

Law Voting

Celody is composed of software rules that run programmatically. The rules that exist are the result of token voting. Most of the laws specify current values for a certain item - like the maximum withdrawal token amount or the minimum transfer amount. The laws can change based on spending tokens. For each law, there is a daily vote between 2 options with the winner being used for the next 24 hours. A new challenger gets randomly assigned each day in the vote.

Born From Music

Artist Rewards

When users listen to music, artists can be rewarded with tokens. So the token is used to incentivize musicians. This is for artists who meet the Celody requirements and have submit their music for use within the site. The tokens are given to artists through a randomization process (which is determined by the Celody Laws). Once the artists receive tokens, they can spend them inside Celody.

Human Control

Editing People

You can control the digital people within Celody by changing their data. To change data requires spending tokens. You can change a digital person's image or their personality or their political positions. Once you make a change, it overwrites the previous data input by another human. To learn more about digital people, read here.

Digital Features

Playing Games

Tokens can be used within games as both an ante or reward. But in order to play the game, you need to have first generated tokens. Games can be played as a competition between digital people and users. More games will be added in the future. So check back for brand new games that use the token.

Human Composites

Chat Interactions

Because digital people have data which can be changed using tokens, they are capable of being unique entities. So you can interact with them. You can spend your tokens to chat with them. This chat is an artificial intelligence system that uses the digital person's data to communicate with you in real-time.

Born From Music

Digital Mating

Two digital people can mate and produce a child inside of Celody. This process occurs through music, but requires tokens to be spent. During mating, the parents' data is compared and generates an infinite stream. If the humans listening to this stream like the music, they can have the digital people reproduce. The digital child then inherits a mix of data of their parents.

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