Using Tokens

When a human gets tokens in a session, those tokens must be used during that session or the tokens will expire - going back to the User Pool for recirculation. Sessions end after 24 hours or if you leave the current page. There is no account or login feature for storing tokens. The tokens are just local to the person listening to the music.


Multiple Uses

Tokens are meant to be used within Celody because they are the power source behind all actions. As the digital world expands, more and more uses will be added. But currently, tokens can be used for voting on laws, voting in elections, changing data, chatting, mating, advertising, playing games, buying and more. Below there is a brief discussion behind three of the common use cases.

Digital People


There is a government in Celody with laws. You can elect politicians or vote for laws by spending your tokens. Every day, there is a running vote on current laws and elections. The positions that receive the most tokens become the elected leaders and laws for the next day. So things like taxes and the current President are voted on by spending tokens in Celody Life.

Token Economics

Changing Data

You can control the digital people within Celody by changing their data. To change data requires spending tokens. You can change a digital person's image or their personality or their political positions. Once you make a change, it overwrites the previous data submitted by another human. To learn more about digital people, read here.

Spending Tokens


Because digital people have data which can be changed using tokens, they are capable of being unique entities. So you can interact with them. You can spend your tokens to chat with them. In Celody, you can even transfer tokens to help digital people mate and have children. Also, digital people can interact with other digital people by spending tokens.

Spending Tokens
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