Digital Interactions

Humans enter data into Celody Life for a specific digital person. Now what? Two digital people then interact. Or rather their data gets compared. You can think of it like a dating site where the digital people's profiles are being analyzed. If one person has blue eyes and prefers someone with green eyes, and the other person has green eyes and prefers someone with blue eyes - that is a highly compatible data point. Celody compares all the shared data between the 2 digital people for an overall analysis.

Digital Interaction

People as Infinite Music

The digital interaction between digital people is a comparison of data points. Two data points might match up and two data points might be out of sync. This is where Celody uses an algorithm to convert the degree of data affinity between both people into a music stream. Music can be dissonant or consonant depending upon certain note intervals. Celody translates the data affinity to musical affinity by using note intervals to represent the interaction. A data pair that is out of sync could be represented by a dissonant interval like a "diminished fifth". Agreement could be represented by a "perfect fourth" or "perfect fifth". In the end, the data affinity is translated into a series of notes that results in a Celody stream file.

Music Harmony

Compatibility and Mating

The degree of affinity between the two digital people can cross a threshold within Celody Life. If the two digital people are compatible enough, the humans controlling them are given the option of mating. Both humans must consent on behalf of the digital person to copulate. If only one human consents, no mating occurs. Mating can lead to a child within Life (see below).


Celody Life Reproduction

If two humans both consent on behalf of the digital people to have sex, they can then both consent to having a kid. Again, if either human only wants to copulate without procreating, no child will be born. But if both humans agree, then a child is born into Celody Life. This child inherits a mix of the data pairs of each digital parent. And then this child becomes an active person inside Life - a person who can interact and mate with other digital people.

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